Let's walk through scanning inventory in the myInventory iOS App.

Inventory an Item
  1. Make sure to Sign in to myInventory and Update Assets and Buildings before you start scanning.
  2. Begin in the Scan tab. We'll start out by letting myInventory know where the inventory is located. Most rooms on campus have a Room Barcode in the doorjamb of the primary entry door. Just scan that barcode (by framing it in your device's viewfinder). The display should update with the Building and Room number. If you can't locate the Room Barcode or can't get it to scan, just select Change Room and manually select your building and room.

    Can't find a Room?

    If you're not seeing the room you're looking for, contact the BATS Space Team. They can help make sure all rooms are accounted for in STARS (UF's Space Tracking And Reporting System).

  3. Once you have a Room in context, scan an Asset Barcode to inventory an item to that Room. You'll feel a vibration and see some asset details (including a picture if available) appear in a light blue box.

    Only see a tagnumber?

    Note that if you're not connected to cellular data or a Wi-Fi network, you will only see the tagnumber for the assets you scan. This is normal, and you're still successfully collecting inventory, so don't worry! 

  4. While you're here, you may as well snap a quick picture of the asset (if you don't already see one). Just tap the Camera button to take a picture and then tap Save on the confirmation dialog to upload your image. (This also requires a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.)
  5. Once you've scanned what you want, go to the Inventory tab to review your scans. Items without a green check have not been uploaded to myAssets, so make sure you have a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection and tap Upload to sync them. Green checks will appear to confirm your upload was successful. You can also swipe left on any unchecked asset to remove it from the list before you upload. This is helpful if you notice you may have scanned something to an incorrect room.
  6. Congratulations, you've completed your inventory!