myInventory now includes the ability to create a Surplus Property Request quickly and easily while scanning inventory.

Network Required

Unlike the core myInventory functionality, this module requires a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

Create a Surplus Request in myInventory
  1. After you've inventoried an item, the new details pane has an option to add it to a Surplus Request. Just click the Recycle icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. You'll be prompted to answer a few questions about the item (based on what kind of item you scanned). Fill out the form and tap Save in the top left corner.

    EH&S and Freon Documentation

    myInventory does not currently support uploading EH&S and Freon Removal documentation. For now, these documents should be uploaded in myAssets by the Department Contact when submitting the Surplus Request for Custodian approval.

  3. The new Surplus tab is the home of your Surplus items list. Swipe left on an item to remove it from the Surplus list. Once you're satisfied with the items, tap Submit to create your request.

  4. Select the type of request, choose a Pickup Location (for Pickup types), and enter notes about your request. Then tap Submit to send this request to the appropriate Department Contacts to submit in myAssets.

    What happens next?

    You'll receive an E-Mail confirmation for your request copying in the Department Contacts that will need to submit the request in myAssets. If your request spans departments, it will be broken up to expedite the approval process. If you're the Department Contact, you can see SAVED requests in myAssets under Requests > Surplus > Pending Surplus Requests. All you'll need to do is upload Freon Removal/EH&S documentation if needed and select a day/time preference if the request is a Pickup.