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  • Creating, Tracking, and Closing Project “Issues”
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Reviewers use BIM 360 “Issues” to indicate and track problems that need to be addressed during the Design Review process:

  1. Reviewers create Issues in “Open” Status and “Assign” the Issues to the UF PM

  2. UF PM assigns Issues to vendors as they are created

  3. Vendors are notified by an Autodesk email that they have been assigned an Issue

  4. If the Assignee needs input from other project members before an answer can be formulated, the Assignee can re-assign the Issue or solicit advice by “@ mentioning” another project member in the Comments section of the Activity tab

  5. The project member assigned the Issue provides a “Response” and changes the status to “Answered” and leaves themselves as the Assignee

  6. The Issue Owner (Creator) receives an email due to the change in Issue status

  7. The Issue Owner reviews the supplied answer and determines if it’s satisfactory:

    1. If the answer is satisfactory the Issue Owner changes the Issue status to “Closed"

    2. If the answer is NOT satisfactory, the Issue Owner provides a reason why the vendor’s answer is unsatisfactory in the “Response” field, along with their name or initials. The Owner changes the Issue status back to “Open” and reassigns the Issue back to the UF PM, which generates an email and alerts the PM about the change in status

  8. The process steps above are repeated until a satisfactory answer is delivered and the Issue is Closed

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